Our Work – Who We’ve Helped

A selection of some of  our work is outlined below:

(1) Anti-Corruption and AML/CTF frameworks and strategies
(2) Customised corruption prevention and AML/CTF training workshops
(3) Anti-Corruption seminars and presentations
(4) Other Ant-Fraud and Corruption and AML/CTF related assignments
(5) Strategy, Governance and Risk related assignments

(1) Anti-Corruption and AML / CTF Framework Assignments include:

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(2) Customised corruption prevention and AML / CTF training workshops include:European 

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(3) Anti-corruption related Seminars and Presentations include:

  • 12th National Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Congress – Presentation titled ‘Designing & Implementing Effective Fraud Corruption Prevention Compliance Programmes’.
  • 2nd annual Compliance Culture & Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum – Presentation titled ‘The Limitations of Forensic Audits: Unpacking a Fraud-Scheme in a Developing Market’
  • 6th Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (APSACC) – Presentation titled ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’: Corruption and the NGO sector’
  • 6th Annual Australian Fraud Summit – Presentation titled ‘The limitations of forensic audits: Unpacking a fraud-scheme in a developing market’ and panel member on ‘Thought Leadership Panel Discussion – Why has Australia become an economic crime hot-spot?’
  • Compliance Culture & Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum (March, 2017) – Presentation titled ‘Understanding and Controlling Fraud and Corruption Risks’
  • Sydney Development Circle (March, 2017) – Presentation titled ‘Stealing from the Poor: Corruption in the Not-for-Profit Sector’
  • Public Sector Fraud & Corruption Summit 2016 (October 2016) – Conference Chair / Presentation titled  ‘Implementing an Effective Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme’
  • Annual Conference of the International Bar Association (September, 2016) – Presentation of paper on Will Transparency Initiatives Impact Corruption in the Extractive Industry , and member of discussion panel on ‘Transparency and public disclosure of payments to governments and indigenous peoples’
  • GRC Institute’s 2016 AML and Financial Crimes Congress (April 2016) – Presentation titled ‘When Compliance is a Facade: A case study of corruption, culture, and collusion’
  • Corruption Prevention Network’s 2015 Annual Forum (November 2015) – Seminar titled ‘Charity Donations Money Trail: How to prevent fraud and corruption’
  • Commonwealth Bank Of Australia (October 2015) – Presentation to Intelligence & Investigative Due Diligence team titled Corruption ‬in Emerging / Frontier Markets: The ‘Global South’
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Sector Briefings on Sending Funds oversea (June & July 2015) –  and Facilitated sector briefing and made presentation titled ‘Corruption Risks within the International Development / Charity Sector’
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (June 2015) – Seminar held titled Managing Risks & Investigations in a Developing Environment.
  • Australian Council For International Development (May, 2015) – Presentation made to Finance Managers Working Group title ‘An Overview of Corruption in the International Development Sector’

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(4) Other Anti-Fraud and Corruption  and AML / CTF related assignments include:

  • Save the Children, So They Can, Baptist World Aid / Transform Aid International, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage – Implementation and set-up of online whistleblower reporting (‘Speak Up’) system
  • Accountable Now – Design and carrying out global survey amongst Accountable Now’s membership on staff attitudes towards reporting and whistleblowing
  • Foodbank NSW & ACT – Providing counter-terrorism financing and due-diligence checks on overseas beneficiary charity
  • World Vision International – Design and carry out a global staff survey (in English, French and Spanish) on the topic of accountability, anti-corruption, and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Australian Charities & Not-for-profit Charity – Design and facilitate Charity Sector Briefing (held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) around the protection and control of funds being sent overseas

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(5) Strategy, Governance and Risk related assignments include:

  • FSVC – Development of a Procedure Manual (based on CSO best practices) governing an NGO’s day-to-day operations for use in Niger as part of the ‘SHIGA’ project, a USAID-funded program focused on strengthening political accountability and policy-making, as well as fostering more robust civil society engagement in the country
  • Islamic Relief Australia – Development of a risk management process and a board governance risk assessment
  • Islamic Relief Australia – Implementation of a 5-year strategic and annual operational planning methodology / process

Strategy Proces