Who We Are

Our area of focus and expertise

Who we are: Integritas360 [Latin: in’te.gri.tas:s], is a global corporate and social enterprise committed to advancing integrity and raising ethical practices in global development.  The cornerstone of our work is providing assurance & advisory services, training, and anti-corruption certification to the charity / non-profit, government and international development sectors; and specialise in designing and implementing bespoke solutions to address challenges in the inter-related areas of anti-corruption, AML/CTF, integrity, governance, and accountability.

We also support commercial organisations who are wishing to expand into frontier and emerging markets, to protect themselves from key corruptions risks (such as bribery).

 What we stand for

 “An ethical life is built of integrity, honesty, kindness, decency and belief in truth, justice, honour, respect, compassion, and working together to make life better”.  Mark Twain

The World Bank now ranks corruption as the single greatest obstacle to reducing poverty. We genuinely believe however, that it is possible to live in a world without corruption, and that central to this is developing and maintaining the highest levels of integrity and ethical standing.   Dealing with corruption can no longer be seen as someone else’s problem, as it is a key determinant in securing positive development outcomes.

At the heart of this is the simple belief that each of us – whether an individual or an organisation – can consciously choose to accept the status quo and shrug off or ignore instances of corruption and unethical behaviour, or, can challenge and change it.  In simple black and white terms we can either elect to be part of the problem, or part of the solution.  Integritas360 has chosen to be part of the solution.

Who we work with

With a unique skill-set and extensive experience from both the corporate and not for profit (charity/NGO) sectors, we take a holistic approach to development issues, and look to partner with organisations and communities who are seeking ethical ways of solving the challenges needed to achieve transformational change.

Our main focus is in the development sector, where we engage with actors operating both locally and internationally.  This includes charities and other non-profits, as well as private and public donor institutions, regulators, government agencies, and commercial organisations operating in emerging and frontier markets.

We also interact with various world bodies in the field, and are signatories to both the United Nations Global Compact’s Call to Action on anti-corruption, and the International Businesses Standards Organization’s (IBSO’s) Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.

Integritas360 is a pre-qualified supplier of corruption prevention services to NSW Government Agencies (under SCM0005 – Pre-qualification Scheme)

Our Team

 Jeremy Sandbrook – CEO / Principal

 “From my years of working with multi-national corporations as well as with small donor dependent organisations in developing countries, one thing is clear – corruption and fraud takes place no matter where in the world you are”.

Photo - Jeremy Sandbrook, CEO Integritas360With over 25+ years experience in the corporate and international development sectors, Jeremy is an internationally recognised integrity and anti-corruption expert. Prior to founding Integritas360 in 2014, he was the Special Advisor on Anti-Corruption at SOS Children’s Villages International, where he led the INGO’s global efforts to tackle fraud and corruption across its 131 operating countries, and 35,000 staff.

Jeremy was the inaugural co-chair of the INGO Accountability Charter’s Peer Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption, and is currently a member of Accountable Now’s Independent Review Panel.  He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration (Victoria University of Wellington), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Studies (Distinction) (Massey University), and a Master of Philosophy in development studies (Massey University).


Moni Psenner – Senior Associate

Moni Psenner Photo - Integritas360 Who we areMoni’s professional experience in the development and humanitarian aid sector spans more than 15 years, where she worked with SOS Children’s Villages International. She has held a variety of management and leadership positions and has built and worked with intercultural and interdisciplinary teams and networks across Europe, Africa and Latin America. She specialises in emergency response, organisational development, strategic planning, conflict analysis and conflict-sensitive programming, programme design and evaluation, and international partnership processes.

Moni holds a graduate degree in language studies (Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck), a diploma in export and international business activities (The Management Center Innsbruck), and a Diploma in Crisis / Emergency Management & Contingency Planning (UMIT).  She is a trained crisis and contingency manager is currently studying International Affairs (MA) at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.


Z Allan Ntata – Associate

A governance and anti-corruption specialist, Allan has a diverse background from lecturing in law, to acting as legal counsel to the president of Malawi. He has a sound working knowledge of international anti-corruption and compliance frameworks, combined with hands-on practical experience in anti-corruption and anti-money laundering matters, having worked as a Legal Advisor and Senior State Advocate for the Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau.

A barrister by profession, Allan has lived and worked in the Malawi, the UK, Australia, and the UAE. He holds a Bachelor of Law (University of Westminster), a Master of Law (University of Huddersfield), and is currently undertaking a PhD in anti-corruption, law and ethical governance (Erasmus University Rotterdam).



Kirk Middleton – Associate

Kirk Middleton - Associate Integritas360Kirk has spent ten years with Britain’s MI5 and the British Security Services, where he worked on complex intelligence gathering projects for the British Government. Since then, Kirk has specialised in managing complex international security, risk management, intelligence and investigation assignments for clients across the Asia-Pacific region, East Africa and Europe.

Kirk’s extensive experience in partnering with governments and other high-level stakeholders (in particular around strengthening enforcement capacity and raising awareness of key threats), combined with his high-level security background, ideally qualifies him in understanding the myriad challenges faced by organisations operating in the today’s increasingly complex global environment. 


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