Anti-Corruption Frameworks

The Core: Develop Your Corruption Framework and Integrated Corruption Prevention & Control Strategy

Creating and implementing an integrated anti-fraud and anti-corruption framework is an effective first step to fraud-proofing your charity or non-profit.  At first glance however, it can seem like a complex and daunting task.  It’s hard to know where to start: What should the various components be and how do they fit together? Which ones should you focus on first? How do you make the most of the investment you’re making in this area?

We can help you map out the most effective anti-fraud and anti-corruption framework, and – if needed – an integrated corruption prevention and control strategy that will not only help prevent, identify and respond to potential cases of fraud and corruption, but will help protect you and your organisation’s reputation, raise overall levels of governance and integrity, and improve organisational efficiency.

In a series of interactive strategy sessions, we’ll help you better understand your organisation’s corruption-risk profile, and discover the various elements that make up an effective anti-corruption framework. More importantly, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of the various elements required to implement a cohesive framework.

Start to fraud- and corruption-proof your non-profit or charity

Our strategic services will help you to:

  • understand your corruption-risk profile
  • identify the building blocks needed to help fraud-proof your organisation
  • define the steps needed to raise ethical standards and improve integrity of staff
  • develop higher and more meaningful levels of governance and accountability
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness by reducing potential corruption seepage
  • gain a competitive edge and build trust with donors and beneficiaries alike

Take the first step.  Not sure what to do next?  Contact us to find out more.