SchoolSafe – The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solution

SchoolSafe – Helping to keep students safe from bullying and harassment

SchoolSafe - Child writingSchool Bullying:  When it comes to child protection, as a school, are you properly discharging your duty-of-care responsibilities to students?  Integritas360 has teamed up with Whispli to offer SchoolSafe,  a secure, anonymous way for students to report bullying and harassment from any mobile device

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Based on the highly successful Fraudsec platform, SchoolSafe provides an ongoing two-way communication channel that enables schools (or other educational institutions) to be informed of a case, manage it, and ensure the appropriate support is  provided.  Unfortunately bullying and harassment is a real and growing issue for many Australian school children.  A number of Australian studies into bullying have found that:

  • 1 in 4 students (aged between 8 and 14 years) reported being bullied every few weeks or more
  • Only half of those bullied had actually sought any help
  • Young people are twice as likely to suffer bullying at school than online or at work

A 2016 study of bullying by the University of South Australia, found that parents believed that schools were failing children who were being bullied.

The reality is, that most children and young people do not feel comfortable reporting the issue, meaning that in many cases teachers, staff and parents are powerless to deal with it.

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How SchoolSafe works:

How SchoolSafe works description

SchoolSafe provides students with a secure, anonymous way to report bullying and harassment; and,  Schools with a cost-effective, two-way communication system to detect and manage it.  All that’s required is access to an internet enabled device such as a mobile phone or computer.

While fully customisable, a copy of a standard SchoolSafe reporting form can be viewed here.

What is the cost of SchoolSafe?

At A$299/month (ex GST), with no set-up costs or locked-in contracts, our enterprise solution can provide piece of mind that bullying and harassment will be reported.  As well as access to up to three internal users (for example the Head Teacher, the School Councillor and/or an appropriately delegated Child Protection Officer etc), the system provides a built-in internal case management and reporting system.

Register today for a free (no obligation) 14-day trial and see for yourself!  Alternatively contact us and we can arrange for a free online demonstration.