Anti-Corruption and AML/CTF Presentations

Anti-corruption and anti-fraud seminars and presentations made include:

The limitations of forensic audits: Unpacking a fraud-scheme in a developing market – June 2018

IBR Compliance Culture Risk LogoPresentation made at the 2nd Compliance Culture and Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum 2018, on how forensic audits only show part of what has taken place within fraud schemes.

Held at the Grace Hotel, Sydney, the forum provided a platform for leading risk professionals to discuss mitigating risks in a volatile market and enhancing risk management strategies.

‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’: Corruption and the NGO sector – November 2017

APSACC Logo - CorruptionPresentation made at the 6th Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (APSACC).  Attended by over 500 key decision makers from all tiers of government in Australia and overseas, APSACC is a biennial conference hosted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (NSW) and the Crime and Corruption Commission (QLD). Each of these organisations has its own charter to combat corruption and official misconduct and help raise public sector integrity.

APSACC 2017 is an opportunity to focus on the latest innovations, strategies and future directions in preventing corruption and to network with Australian and international public sector peers and leaders.

The limitations of forensic audits: Unpacking a fraud-scheme in a developing market – June 2017

6th Annual Fraud Summit logoPresentation made at the 6th Annual Australian Fraud Summit on  the limitations of forensic audits; member of ‘Thought Leadership Panel Discussion – Why has Australia become an economic crime hot-spot?’.

Based on the theme ‘Creating a proactive defence against the rising threat of fraud in Asia Pacific’, the summit brought together global and local thought leaders across the public and private sectors to share their strategies in preventing, detecting and responding to fraud.

Understanding and Controlling Fraud and Corruption Risks – March 2017

IBRConferences LogoPresentation made at the Compliance Culture and Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum 2017, on corruption risk, it focussed on: Is corruption really the problem we think it is? Key facts and figures; Emerging trends and growing issues around fraud and corruption prevention; Key tools in tackling and controlling fraud and corruption risks; The main reasons why anti-corruption efforts fail

Held at the Grace Hotel, Sydney, the forum provided a platform for leading risk professionals to discuss mitigating risks in a volatile market and enhancing risk management strategies.

Stealing from the Poor: Corruption in the Not-for-Profit Sector – March 2017

Logo - Sydney Development Circle Logopresentation on corruption within the not-for-profit / NGO sectors, co-hosted by the Sydney Development Circle and The Ethics Centre.  Based on a real life case study, the presentation focused on the challenges faced, including why non-compliance and corruption occurs, why the sector is vulnerable, and lessons for dealing with it.

Implementing an Effective Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme – October 2016

Public Sector Fraud & Corruption SummitActed as Conference Chair of the inaugural Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Summit, and made presentation on ‘Designing and Implementing an Effective Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme’.

Held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Canberra, 26 to 27 October, the summit brought together peers and leaders from across Australia and New Zealand’s public sector.

Transparency and public disclosure of payments to governments and indigenous peoples – September 2016

IBA2016 conference logoPresentation of paper at the IBA Annual Conference 2016 held in Washington DC in September.  Titled ‘Will Transparency Initiatives Impact Corruption in the Extractive Industry‘,  the paper outlined the impact new transparency initiatives (enacted by the European Union, Canada and the United States) would have on corruption levels in the extractive industry.

Hosted by the International Bar Association, the event was attended by over 6,000 top legal professionals from around the world.

The Panama Papers and the Implications for Australia – August 2016

Australian Financial Crime Summit LogoModerator for ‘Hot Topic: Panama Papers and the Implication for Australia’, and member of the opening keynote panel discussion ‘Building a Global Anti-Corruption Programme that Can Reduce the National Crime Level’ at the 2nd Annual Australian Financial Crime Summit to be held at the InterContinental Sydney Double Bay, 15 to 17 August.

When Compliance is a Facade: A case study of corruption, culture, and collusion – April 2016

GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Institute LogoPresentation made to the GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Institute’s 2016 AML and Financial Crimes Congress held at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth on 28 April.  The GRC Institute is the peak member body for compliance, governance and risk professionals across the Asia Pacific, reaching over 7,000 professionals throughout the region.

Corruption in the International Development Sector: What NGOs need to be doing to reduce their corruption risk – December 2015

Council for International Development logo‘CID Talk’ made to New Zealand’s Council for International Development (CID), aimed at providing an overview of fraud and corruption within the international development sector and the steps NGOs should be taking to protect themselves.  To find out more, or to see the presentation, click here.

Charity Donations Money Trail: How to prevent fraud and corruption – November 2015

Corruption Prevention Network logoSeminar given at the Corruption Prevention Network‘s (CPN’s) 2015 Annual Forum held at Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour. The Forum’s main function was to provide anti-corruption practitioners an opportunity to network, while at the same time hearing from experts on the latest fraud and corruption prevention techniques. It was attended by over 150 anti-corruption practitioners from throughout the NSW and Commonwealth Public Sectors. 

‪’Corruption ‬in Emerging / Frontier Markets: The ‘Global South – October 2015

CBA Logo

Presentation given to the Commonwealth Bank’s Intelligence & Investigative Due Diligence team on the topic of ‪’‎Corruption ‬in Emerging / Frontier Markets: The ‘Global South’.  Currently listed in the top 50 largest banks in the world, CBA is looking to expand its global footprint, into a number of developing markets around the world.

Corruption Risks within the International Development / Charity Sector – June to November 2015

ACNC logo Integritas360 anti-corruptionEngaged by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission’s (ACNC) to make a presentation on anti-corruption at their sector briefings.  The briefing’s were aimed at helping Australian charities understand some of the obligations and risks associated with sending funds overseas.  The presentation provided an overview of corruption within the international development sector, and provided practical steps charities could take to start corruption-proofing their organisations.  Held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the event was attended by over 300 charities and their advisors.  For more on the briefings click here

Comments made by participants as what they found the most valuable to them included:

“All sessions were valuable.  However, I most enjoyed the presentation by Integritas360, as I think it had a good combination between the culture of the environment we are working in and our legal obligations”

“I thought that Jeremy Sandbrook’s [Integritas360] presentation was excellent in putting the problem of corruption in a global context.

“Fascinated by statistics on scale of corruption and realistic methods of preventing it”

“Jeremy Sandbrook’s [Integritas360] presentation put the risks of sending funds overseas in perspective. Best presentation”.

Managing Risks & Investigations in a Developing Environment – June 2015

ACFE LogoTitled ‘Managing Risks and Investigations in a Developing Environment’, this seminar – delivered to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) – was aimed at identifying the various risks and complexities associated with carrying out investigations in developing, frontier, and emerging markets; a task that brings with it a unique set of challenges and pitfalls.

Using real-life case studies, the seminar took participants through the complexities an investigator could be confronted with when carrying out an assignment in developing countries and frontier markets, and provided tips and tricks on how to reduce and potentially avoid them. The challenges covered ranged from basic logistical and security issues, weak legal and bureaucratic environments, neo-patrimonial networks and patron-client relationships , and key cultural differences; any of which – unless appropriately managed – can quickly undermine or de-rail what appears at first sight, to be a straightforward assignment

Participant Feedback:  Attended by over 20 ACFE members from across government and industry,  participant feedback indicated 100% overall satisfaction (with 54% extremely satisfied). 83% of participants rated the presenter as ‘Excellent’.  Comments made by participants included:

“One of the best presenters I’ve seen/heard in a long time”

“Great format and presentation”

“Fantastic, thank you Jeremy for the very relevant insights”

An Overview of Corruption in the International Development Sector – May 2015

ACFID - Australian Council for International Development logoPresentation made to the Australian Council for International Development‘s (ACFID) Finance Managers Working Group.  Attended by 20 finance directors from various charities, it provided an overview of corruption within the international NGO/NFP sector.  The Finance Managers Working Group was originally established to discuss issues of a financial nature impacting the Australian aid and development sector.