Why Integritas360 | Fraud and Corruption-proof your Charity or Non-Profit

Have you started to fraud and corruption-proof your organisation? There is no such thing as a small fraud, just large frauds caught early.  As a leader or board member of a charity or other non-profit organisation, there is a moral and fiduciary responsibility to safeguard the funds entrusted into the organisation’s care.  The first step towards corruption-proofing your organisation, is to ask the following questions:

  • Are all the funds entrusted into our care being used for the purpose intended?
  • Do we understand, and have we taken appropriate steps to reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption taking place?
  • Could the organisation be losing valuable dollars to corrupt activity that no one is even aware of?
  • What would happen to our reputation in the event of a significant case of corruption being exposed?

Integritas360 helps charities and other non-profits (particularly those who work in the international development field) to understand their fraud and corruption-risk profile, and then works with them to provide quick, easy and affordable solutions to actively identify, manage, and reduce the likelihood of potential fraud and corruption taking place.  We also help organisations who are looking to expand into frontier and emerging markets.

Regardless of where you operate in the world, your organisation will benefit from the work we do.

Have a look at some of the assignments completed, or contact us  to find out more.

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