Corruption Prevention Course for Managers

University of Sydney - Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) Logo: Anti-Corruption CourseCorruption Prevention Course for Managers – Sydney University’s Centre for Continuing Education

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Taught by Integritas360 Chief Executive, Jeremy Sandbrook, this one day face-to-face workshop aims to raise participant’s awareness of the issue of corruption and corruption risk, and equip them with a basic knowledge of the principles of corruption prevention, and the practical steps that can be taken to protect their organisation.

Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this corruption prevention course participants will be able to:

  • Define corruption and determine the types of conduct that may constitute corrupt behaviour.
  • Identify when a conflict of interest is present and how to manage it.
  • Understand the various factors that allow, encourage or cause corrupt behaviour.
  • Recognise the warning signs and red-flags that signal the presence of potential corruption.
  • Discuss the principles of corruption prevention, and their role in it.
  • Identify specific steps that can be taken within their organisation to better manage corruption risk.

Corruption Prevention Course for Managers Course Notes PictureWho should attend: While targeting managers and supervisors from all sectors, this corruption prevention course is relevant to anyone interested in the topic of corruption and corruption-prevention, and are are seeking a better understanding of the dynamics behind it and how to prevent it. There are no pre-requisite knowledge or skills for attendance, with course work designed to include practical work examples and relevant case studies

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